How do I take care of my Kurt Geiger items?

We hope you love your new Kurt Geiger purchase! Below are some tips and care advice to ensure your shoes, bags or accessories can be enjoyed for a very long time.


Leather is a porous material and as such may be prone to water penetration; your purchase will benefit from being treated with the appropriate protector.

All natural products are prone to colour and texture variances.

Colour transfer from dyed products is not considered a manufacturing fault.

Please take care when wearing jewellery or carrying embellished items against delicate fabrics.

A timely heel repair is recommended to prolong the life of your shoes.

We recommend that you clean your product with a clean damp cloth only but if using specialized cleaning solutions, please follow the instructions carefully and always test on a small area first.

If you require specific advice relating to your purchases please ask a member of our team.