Can you help with a store purchase?

If you need assistance with a store purchase, please visit the original Kurt Geiger store or concession of the same group where the purchase was made in. Be sure to take along your proof of purchase with you. 

For full information on store returns please click here. 

What about an order I placed in store?

Items purchased or ordered in a Kurt Geiger store/concession, either in person or over the telephone, can only be returned to the original store within 14 days where you made this purchase.

Please do not attempt to post your item back to our online warehouse as we will be unable to process a return for you and there will likely be a significant delay in returning your order back to you.

If you placed an order in store please click here to see delivery times and refund policy.

What if my item is faulty?

If your item has developed a fault, please take this along with your proof of purchase to one of our Kurt Geiger stores where the team will be happy to assist.

Freestanding stores, Outlets, and Concessions (containing Kurt Geiger) are only able to accept returns from the same store group so please check this before visiting. 

A full list of our stores is available here.

Please note: Items purchased from a Kurt Geiger store or concession must be returned back to the store under the same store group and will not be refunded if returned to our online warehouse.