Why can I see a ‘pending’ or ‘ring-fenced’ status on my bank statement?

We only charge your card payment method once your order has been dispatched, up to this time you may see a ‘pending’ or ‘ring-fenced’ amount on your account.

Most commonly this will occur if the checkout has been refreshed or interrupted during the authorisation process; in this instance, the order will fail but the amount will still remain pending.

Whenever a transaction is processed through our systems we carry out fraud prevention checks and obtain authorisation from the bank before the funds are taken.

After authorisation, your transaction can still fail. This can happen when the item is out of stock and subsequently your order is cancelled.

If the transaction fails after authorisation, the funds will still be ring-fenced on your account but they have not been debited from your account. 

After authorisation has been placed on your account the reserve can last up to 10 working days before it is lifted. This is not controlled by us, and we cannot remove this from your account. The pending amount may also show the amount for your order pre-discount should you have one.